Bedding from wood sod forpoultry farms

Opportunity Description: Bedding from wood sod forpoultry farms usingsimple technology
PRODUCT: Low cost bedding
Sector: Waste Management
Market: Poultry farms
Initial Investment Required: Less than 150,000 EGP
Details Available:
Market Potential: Sold to Poultry farms in Luxor/Qena. Competing products include bedding alternatives.
Supply: Bought from Industrial facilities in Luxor/Qena, restof Upper Egypt/Red Sea. The required inputs include wood sod from factories and agriculture waste.
Process: Collection ->Sorting ->Shredding.
Human Resources: Manual labour
Financial: CAPEX is less than 150,000EGP, mainly cost of machinery.
OPEX is less than 150,000 EGP, mainly processing material.
Risk: Supply chain management
IMPACT: Environmental impact: Environmentally friendly waste disposal
Social impact: Decrease cost of meat production by providing low cost