Large scale aerobic compost from biomass, and/or plant residue for agriculture

Opportunity Description: Large scale aerobic compost from biomass (chicken litter, cattle manure, and/or plant residue (particularly banana) for agriculture. Due to high demand on organic fertilizers, competitive edge is in quality and pricing compared to other types of fertilizers.
PRODUCT: Low cost organic fertilizer
Sector: Waste Management, Agribusiness
Market: Farmers
Initial Investment Required: Less than 150,000 EGP
Details Available:
Market Potential: Sold to farmers in Luxor/Qena, rest of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, and in the Delta. Competing products include chemical fertilizers, traditional manure based fertilizers.
Supply: Supply from farmers, municipalities, landscaping in hotels in Luxor/Qena, rest of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea. Required input include bedding mixed with litter, cattle manure, plant residual (banana particularly), or possibly additives (bacterial additives)
Process: Shredding of Waste -> Aerobic Digestion -> Organic Compost
Human Resources: Manual labour, technical operation, agriculture specialist
Financial: CAPEX is less than 150,000 EGP
OPEX is less than 150,000 EGP for processing of material
Risk: Long processing time – access to land
IMPACT: Environmental: A source of bio-fertilizers that ensures sustainable and organic produce, safe disposal of waste.
Social: it Increases returns of agriculture sector by selling waste and provide affordable organic fertilizers that reduce costs for agriculture activities