Artificial insemination of cattle for animal production

Opportunity Description: Artificial insemination of cattle for animal production for High demand on service
PRODUCT: Animal production (cattle)
Sector: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing
Market: Cattle farms
Initial Investment Required: Above 500,000 EGP
Details Available:
Market Potential: Sold to cattle farms in Luxor/Qena, rest of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, and in the Delta. Competing products include Traditional breeding.
Supply: Supplies from Spermatozoon producers in Upper Egypt/Red Sea and imported from other countries. Required inputs include Vet tools, equipment, and spermatozoon (imported).
Process: Artificial insemination -> special freezing (liquid nitrogen)
Human Resources: Manual labour, highly skilled vet (follow up and insemination)
Financial: CAPEX is above 500,000 EGP
OPEX is less than 150,000 EGP
Risk: Continuously import species to maintain quality
IMPACT: Environmental - Increases efficiency of meat production
Social - Higher returns for small breeders