Aromatic plants extract for pharmaceutical industry

Opportunity Description: Aromatic plants extract for pharmaceutical industry as import substitute for local industry which is financially competitive
PRODUCT: Extracts from caraway, cumin, fennel and hibiscus
Sector: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing
Market: Pharmaceuticals
Initial Investment Required: Above 500,000 EGP
Details Available:
Market Potential: Sold to Pharmaceutical industry in Lower and Middle Egypt or outside Egypt. Competing products include Synthetic alternatives, imported material.
Supply: Supplies from farms in Luxor/Qena, rest of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, and in the Delta. Required inputs include Aromatic plants (pharmaceutical grade supply).
Process: Drying -> mixing and evaporation -> distillation (low temperature, High pressure, purifiers) -> possibly CO2 extraction
Human Resources: Manual labour, technical, chemist (or engineers)
Financial: CAPEX is above 3m EGP, mainly cost of equipment and licensing OPEX is between 150,000 EGP and 500,000 EGP, processing of material
Risk: Perfecting production technique and meeting industry specifications (quality control), licensing of pharmaceutical grade product
IMPACT: Environmental - Reliance on green chemicals reduce pollutants of synthetic chemicals
Social - Increase value added on agriculture produce, decrease imports of chemicals required for high value-added industry