Microbial starters for biogas/compost production

Opportunity Description: Microbial starters for biogas/compost production of high profit margins on small scale production
PRODUCT: Microbial starter additives
Sector: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing
Market: Smallholder farms
Initial Investment Required: Above 500,000 EGP
Details Available:
Market Potential: Sold to farmers in Luxor/Qena, rest of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, and in the Delta. Competing products include Imported bacterial starter additives.
Supply: Bought from international microbe suppliers. The required inputs include Microbial strains.
Process: Bacterial propagation
Human Resources: Biologist, laboratory technicians
Financial: CAPEX is above 500,000 EGP.
OPEX is between 150,000 and 500,000 EGP, mainly lab maintenance expenses, and consumables.
Risk: High CAPEX, difficult access to knowledge and technical skills.
IMPACT: Environmental impact: Increases efficiency of biogas units / composting thus increasing the sustainability of production.
Social impact: Empower rural biogas and composting businesses