Powdering and packing of dried herbs and spices (e.g. powdered onion or garlic)

Opportunity Description: Powder packed in small zipped packs. High quality of garlic and onions in Egypt, with high local and international demand, due to low infection rates particularly in Upper Egypt.
PRODUCT: Powdered Spices
Sector: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing
Market: Local consumers, Export
Initial Investment Required: EGP 825,000
Details Available: Opportunity Study
Market Potential: Traders, local retail and export.
Packed in jars for retail units - Innovative packaging to suit different markets.
Supply: Dried produce e.g. onions (from local farmers that dehydrate their produce or regional suppliers) - suppliers of plastic packs.
Process: Electric Grinding - Vacuum Sealing Machine
Human Resources: Technical and Business Development Manager – 1
Operations and Maintenance – 2
Financial: CAPEX required EGP 318,000
1-month OPEX required EGP 507,000
IRR expected is 52%
Payback period around 2.2 years
Risk: Risk - seasonality of produce; delay and irregular raw material as well as fluctuation of prices.
Mitigation - mix of products; proper inventory and quality control; long term contracts and strong network of suppliers
IMPACT: Environmental - Decrease waste in produce by providing longer shelf life product.
Social - Increase return on agriculture activities.