Project: LEEHA QEEMA Tiba, Luxor
Stage: Pilot Production and Initial Sales
Funding: The team is looking for an investor to partner with Investment by Team: Yes
Founders: Mohamed Khalil/ Production Quality Engineering 2016/Operations & production - Amr Abdel maksoud/Bachelor of Tourism 2012/ Marketing & sales
Required Support: Access to clients, access to local or international equipment suppliers, training on plastic recycling.
Contacts: Contact information:
Mohamed Abbass,
Tel: 01115620964;
Email: mabbas88847@gmail.com
Value: Leeha Qeema supplies a continuous source of on-spec plastic flakes to plastic pelletizing factories who currently face challenges with price fluctuations as well as in obtaining the needed amounts of raw material with the required quality.
Description: Leeha Qeema recycles PET and PP plastic waste to produce plastic flakes s as a feedstock for plastic pellet factories. They aim to offer a continuous source of plastic feedstock with the appropriate sizes, colors, degree of transparency and purity at competitive prices to best suit the specifications of their targeted plastic pellet manufacturers in Cairo, Dakahlia and Assiut.