MT SLATTED, Luxor, Luxor

Project: MT SLATTED, Luxor, Luxor
Stage: Prototype
Funding: . The team is looking for an investor to partner with Investment by Team: Yes
Founders: Taha Ali/High School/ Marketing & Sales - Mostafa Badawi/ Bachelor of Engineering 2013/ Production Officer
Required Support: An area of 50 m2 to pilot the products and an investment to equip the farm; a veterinarian/agricultural engineer specialized in poultry production; access to plastic suppliers and plastic injection molding plant
Contacts: .Mostafa Ramadan,
Tel: 01146606562
Taha Saad
Tel: 01155442767
Value: MT Slatted offers plastic, modular flooring products for poultry farms looking to cut their production costs, increase their productivity at xx % of the imported products and battery cages. It will start by targeting farms in Luxor, Qena and Aswan
Description: MT Slatted aims to produce (60x60 cm) plastic flooring products manufactured from recycled or pure plastic for farms for poultry and other small and lightweight animals (up to 120 kg) to be used as a more hygienic alternative for the sawdust bedding that is currently used in the targeted farms. MT Slatted also provides a cost-effective, and more suitable (modularity, sizes of gaps, longer lifetime) alternative to the plastic flooring products that are currently being imported as well as to the battery cages also used by poultry farms in Upper Egypt.