Stage: Prototype
Funding: The team is looking for an investor to partner with Investment by Team: Yes
Founders: Taha Gad/ Bachelor of Engineering 2014/General Manager
Required Support: Team training on compost production techniques; partnerships with agricultural associations in Qena and Luxor; partnership with Ministries of Environment, Agriculture and Trade & Industry; renting in the industrial area.
Contacts: Taha Gad,
Tel: 01007336916 - 01123078346;
Email: Taha.gadelbary@gmail.com
Value: Dungbeetle provides high quality compost tailored to the requirements of farms who currently face challenges in acquiring high quality compost that caters to the required soil quality.
Description: Dungbeetle aims to produce and distribute high quality and cost-effective compost with customized specifications for farmers who own 10 feddans or more in the governorate of Qena and Luxor, as well as small land reclamation farms. Dungbeetle will adapt the composition of the compost produced and the quantities delivered depending on the soil type and quality – according to the soil tests that will be conducted by the company before delivering the service